June 23, 2012
Now Retired Pillow Fluffer
Sedeki Lilian
Age 9
Color - Blenheim
English Import
Eye Cerf - Clear

AKC CH Salador Cadabra
Import From England
Bred By Shelia Smith - Renown Salador Kennel
Author of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Today
Bredand Chasing Waterfalls At Sedeki
Lilian is the foundation bitch for both Mentmore & Brownwell Kennel.  She is a very cherished
companion who goes almost everywhere I do.  We affectionally refer to her as "Grandma" due to being
our foundation and first cavalier girl, in tribute to her age and status here at Mentmore.  In 2011 we
had a bit of a scare with Lilian, she developed a tumor in a mammory gland.  We had it removed and
got the good news it was benign.  A hard lesson  to have learned, the retired girls need to be spayed as
soon as they retire and not keep them as intact breeding dogs.  Or they can develop mammory gland
tumors or tumors in other female organs that go unused.   The dogs can develop testicular cancer if
they also go unused as working stud dogs.  She was fully recovered within two weeks of her surgery.  
Lilian now runs the roost here, playing and nuturing all our puppies we have here at Mentmore.  She
is an excellent example of the breed, being a priceless companion and cherished pet.  With luck she
and her offspring will continue here in our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  She along with Archie,
Dulcie and Magic are our heart dogs that will live with us forever within our hearts and mines.