Brownwell Lady Charlotte Dreams of Mentmore
Liver, White & Tan
Eye Cerf - Clear - November 2010
June 23, 2012
In October 2010 I paid a visit to my dear friend, Tracy in Mobile, AL.  Upon arriving we
stretched our legs and strolled her large yard while admiring our lovely dogs.  About 10
minutes into our catching up I spotted Charlie with her littermate, a small girl with a very
patient sweet nature, and the more I looked her way the more I knew she had to be mine.  
The next morning while sitting outside under some lovely oaks I again found my eyes going
Charlie's way.  After about 30 minutes or so I asked Tracy what her plans for Charlie were.  
She told me although she was nice she thought Charlotte was a bit on the small side as was
her brother.  I told her I wanted her small or not.  That small or not her quiet nature should
not be ignored and I was taking her home.  Well long story short, Tracy laughed and Charlie
made the trip home with us a few days later.  I must add here too that from Mobile to
Blanchester, more than 1200 miles and at 3 months old, Charlie neither made a sound nor
messed in her crate.    Charlie is fast becoming a heart dog here at Mentmore.  She is very
much like my old girl Pearl, who was also small and I fell in love with instantly.  Recently
during a visit with my brother and his wife, they met Charlie, well needless to say they fell
head over heels in love with her the same way I did.  They had lost one of their dear friends
not so long ago and needed someone to heal their hearts.  So after much thought I placed
Charlie there.  She is now their new heart dog and I see her often.  She has brought many
smiles to their faces and sleeps with my sister-in-law Beth ever night.  Charlie is just one of
those girls that finds a way into your heart and stays there, she is very special to Tracy and I
as well as my brother and his wife, Beth.