Charlemagne's Serenity Now
Black & White
Eye Cert - Clear '07
AKC Champion Sire & Dam
3 AKC Champion Grandparents
Tracy and I acquired Brook October 2007 at just 3 years of age, and she is the best thing since sliced
bread.  You just couldn't wish for a better companion!  I love love love this girl.  She is sweet, calm
and never causes any trouble.  In all my life I have never seen a dog who loves to run, and I mean
full out gallop, the way that Brook does.  She takes off with her ears flying back as if trying to take
flight, a true joy to watch.  During her visit to Brownwell to be bred to Justin, Tracy fell just as hard
for this now priceless girl as I had, in her travels to get to Brownwell our handler, Jody Paquette fell
for her too.  I thank Tracy everyday for getting this girl for our breeding program because she
became a foundation at Mentmore.  Brook is now retired after some complications from a litter.  
She is living a wonderful life now with one of her puppies in West Virginia.  She has left her mark
here at Mentmore in Greer.  
June 23, 2012