Brownwell Adaline of Mentmore
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April 18, 2014
Adaline, age 9 months on the left.
Sitting with Ava and Tori, age 3 months.
Ava's nickname for Adaline is
Adaliner 49er

Ava is the daughter of a dear friend.  She
has fallen in love with both Adaline and
Tori, claiming them as her friends,  dogs
that live with someone else.  We were all
very touched when Ava recently wrote a
story about her dogs in her 1st grade

"I have 2 friends, dogs.  But I don't get to
see them both often.  Because they live
with somebody else."

By Ava Hester, age 6
September 2011
Left 2012 Easter Fun Match WCKC - Lebanon, Ohio
Lil Man being held by the Easter Bunny
Tori & Adaline at the bunny's feet

Lil Man - 5 months
Tori - 9 months
Adaline - 15 months

Right 2011 Easter Fun Match WCKC - Lebanon, Ohio
Adaline being held by the Easter Bunny - 3 months

Below WCKC Annual B Match at Easter 2014
Pixie & Gypsy 3 months Adaline 3 years and her son Reign 5 months.
Adaline is a our queen bee dam and Pixie, Gyspy & Reign are examples of Mentmore Puppies