Updated November 12, 2013
Mentmore Magic's Rhein
"Trick aka Lil Man"
Francesca x Hudson

Magic and Shirley grandson
Above Left & Right
left to right - Dolly 3 months, Hank 6 months, Madelynn age 8 and Trick 9
months, Lola 9 months and Chloe 9 months. Chloe and Lola are
littermates. All the springers are trained to sit and stay, which, as you
can see, they all did very beautifully even though there was plenty of
distractions. I am so very proud of all the dogs and prouder to have Krista
and Madelynn as friends and partners with these new additions to
Mentmore Spaniels.
LEFT - Lil Man being held by the
Easter Bunny
Tori & Adaline at the bunny's feet

Lil Man - 5 months
Tori - 9 months
Adaline - 15 months